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Medical Scribe: The Unexplored Career in Medical Field to Join After 12th (And Earn up to ₹ 69,000 While Studying)

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23 Oct 2019

Medical Scribe: The Unexplored Career in Medical Field to Join After 12th (And Earn up to ₹ 72,000 while Studying)

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Aspirants choosing Biology as their core subject in 11th and 12th start their preparation for entrance examination such as NEET, AIIMS or JIPMER during their early stage. But not everyone can make it through the entrance exams.

In the recently conducted AIIMS Exam, out of 3.74 Lakh students who appeared, only 7,617 students cleared the medical entrance examination which means out of every 50 students who gave the exam, only 1 cleared.

So What To Do After 12th?

After seeing the above statistics it’s obvious that the competition in the medical field is extremely tough. But everyone still has one question on their mind as soon as they finish their 12th exams, “What career option do I have after 12th?”

Picking the right college is a very important decision in the students life as it can lead to a rewarding career ahead in their life. With the wide range of courses to opt for and numerous entrance exam to choose from, the students are left confused with which field to step into.

Today we will talk about a career in medical field which is left unexplored and is not known to many – Medical Scribe.

So Who is Medical Scribe?

A medical scribe is a person who assists in documenting the interaction between the doctor-patient. They also help in managing the patient’s data in the EMR in real time. When a medical scribe works from a remote facility, they are called virtual medical scribes.

How Do Virtual Medical Scribes Work?

  1. The doctors wear Google Glass during the patient visit.
  2. The inbuilt camera in the Google Glass live streams the audio and the video to the virtual medical scribes.
  3. The scribes use this input data to create the medical health record for the patient in the real time.

The image below illustrates how doctors and virtual scribes collaborate together:

Virtual Medical Scribes | Career After 12th
Physicians Angels

The scribe has to document the following data:

  1. History of the illness of the patient.
  2. Past medical and surgical history.
  3. Family and social history.
  4. Physical examination, Imaging and Lab results.
  5. The diagnosis and the procedure.

So How Do I Start my Career in Medical Scribing After 12th?

The career in scribing is on the rise in India since the healthcare organizations are going digital. It is estimated that will shortage of 75,000 scribes in India. So this is the right time to start you career in medical scribing.

Eligibility Criteria For Becoming a Medical Scribe:

The eligibility criteria for students looking for a career after 12th as a medical scribe is as follows:

  1. The candidate should have completed his 12th.
  2. Should be minimum 18 year of age.
  3. Have basic computer knowledge.
  4. Have minimum typing speed of 30 words per minute.
  5. Excellent communication skills- both written and spoken English.

Training Program for Medical Scribes

In order to become a medical scribe after 12th, the candidates have to enroll in a scribe training program. The scribe training program is 9 month duration course which consists of 3 levels of training.

The training program is divided in to 3 levels:

  1. Basic Training (Level 1): The basic training happens at the Starmedix facility where the candidates learn about the medical terminologies and English grammar.  
  2. Scribe Training (Level 2): In the 2nd level of the training, the candidates are taught about the audio + video role-play and typing along with medical scribing essentials.
  3. Shadowing (Level 3): The third and the final level of training is called Shadowing where the trainee scribe accompanies the senior medical scribe and learns how to prepare a medical report and enter the patients record into the EHR.

During the 2nd level of training, the candidates are paid a stipend of ₹12,000/month for the period of 2 months. And another stipend of ₹15,000/month is paid during the third level of training which lasts for 3 months.

To know about the complete training program check out this page

How to join medical scribe as your career after 12th

How Will Being a Medical Scribe Help me in Future?

The life of a scribe is filled with challenges without ever getting dull. There is constant learning in the process which keeps the scribes on their toes.

  1. It helps build your medical knowledge:  The most difficult part of the scribing course is mastering the medical terminologies. The scribes, after all, need to keep up with the medical terminologies while entering the information in the EHR. Being familiar in medical terminologies is incredibly useful in case the scribe is interested in pursuing additional educational in medical field.
  2. Career Growth: The scribes continue to receive training and gain experience which can help them to advance to the position of medical scribe trainer and even chief scribe.
  3. It will help you work as clinician in future: As a medical scribe, you will work alongside clinician on a day to day basis which will help you to gain better understanding of the work life of clinician and overall the medical industry.

Perks of Being a Medical Scribe:

  1. The scribes are supposed to work only for five days a week.
  2. The working hours are only 8 hours per day.
  3.  The scribes get to work as Doctor’s right hand for real-time documentation.
  4. The scribes have no metric based pressure.
  5. Amazing and predictive career growth opportunities.
  6. Exposure to the International Healthcare System.

Salary of Medical Scribe:

During the 2nd level of the training the scribes are paid a stipend of ₹12,000/month for 2 months and during the 3rd level of training they are paid ₹15,000/month for the next 3 months.

Post completion of training the candidates are paid a starting salary of ₹38,000/month.

Why You Should Join a Medical Scribe Course?

Here is a comparison chart of few education programs vs the medical scribing career in India. This will help you decide how lucrative a career in medical scribe is:

Program Name DurationAverage Fees Average Placement Average Starting Salary
B. Tech 4 years 4L – 16L 15% ₹ 12,000
B. Com 3 years 2L – 4L 10% ₹ 10,000
BBA 3 years 3L – 6L 9% ₹ 13,000
MBA 2 years 4L -13L 10% ₹ 20,000
StarMedix Scribe Program 9 months 2.2L 100% ₹ 38,000

Where can you join Medical Scribing Course?

So now that you know who a medical scribe is and what their responsibilities are, you can start your career in medical scribing after your 12th  without thinking about which entrance exam to write. All you have to do is join a medical scribing institute.

StarMedix is the sole training institute in Bangalore providing course in medical scribing. The trainers at StarMedix have more than 10 years of experience in the medical scribing field.

StarMedix also provides 100% placement guarantee to all the students. In case we fail to provide placement within 30 days of successful completion of the training, 100% of the tuition fees shall be refunded to the students.

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  1. cresceremed

    “You may be wondering what a medical scribe is. They fulfill the secretarial and non-clinical functions of a physician and other healthcare providers.
    Really, Some people make a career of this job, going on to become leaders and teachers of it, while for others becoming a medical scribe is a good way of learning medical terminology while studying for medical training.
    Thanks for mentioning about it in detail!”

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