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15 Nov 2019

Why being a virtual scribe can be a valuable life experience

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Back in 2018, Centers for Medical and Medicaid Services (CMS) came up with 363 new codes and 250 revisions for ICD-10 codes. These codes were introduced to increase the specificity and keep a better track of care for the patients. This however means additional burden for cardiologist since they have to remember these new codes. Right?

Well, actually no. Since there are designated scribes for cardiology department to help cardiologist keep up with the demands of Electronic Health Record (EHR). Hiring a cardiology medical scribe can be helpful since they can alleviate most of the burden of the cardiologist.

Today we have a former student* of Starmedix who is here to share their experience working as medical scribe in cardiology department.

“I have been working as a virtual scribe in Bangalore for one of the biggest healthcare company in USA in the cardiology department. I would say that being a scribe has been an extraordinary experience both in terms of my personal as well as professional growth.

My journey of becoming a scribe started after I cleared my 12th board examination and was wondering which career I should pursue next. After spending countless days researching, I came across a never heard before course – Medical Scribe.

After researching more about the course, I could clearly find myself being more interested in pursuing the course. But there was a problem. Medical scribe wasn’t a popular field in India and most of the websites providing information about the course were based in USA or Canada. But after digging some more, I found the equivalent of medical scribe in India called as virtual scribes.

Basically virtual scribes do the same thing as medical scribe but from an offsite location. And in order to reduce the cost and increase the flexibility, most of the healthcare organization in USA and Canada outsource scribes from India.

Long story short, I joined the scribe training program offered by Starmedix which goes for the period of 9 months where the candidates are taught about medical terminologies, ICD codes and about audio and video roleplay. Post completion of training the candidates become Doctor Approved Medical Scribes.

During the initial phase, we would shadow the senior scribe which was the most important part of the training. This taught us the most important thing – how to piece together the information during the patient visit. Usually when the patient visits the clinic, they rarely tell what exactly is their problem. It’s highly unlikely that the patient will say, “I have been having intermittent pain in my chest since 3-4 months. The pain worsens while running and subsides after I take aspirin. Lately I have also noticed that this pain has spread to my arms.”

No this does not happen. Ever.

The doctor has to spend considerable amount of time with patient to find the useful information from rest of the extraneous bits. As a scribe, we are trained to pick out the important bits from the doctor-patient interaction in order to prepare a medical report and document what the plan of care is.

During the initial stage, we had senior scribes to help us guide through the process but with time we had to learn how to piece everything together.

For example – if the patient comes up with A, B, C symptoms, we use set of tests to rule out either disease 1, disease 2 or disease 3 and mention the same in the report.

You might think this is the case for every other job, which is true, but in my case it took longer and it sticks better when you see the doctor do it.

After the patient visit, the doctor reviews the medical chart and makes the necessary correction, if any and signs off.

Earlier the doctors had to spend considerable time preparing charts and updating the EMR rather than giving attention to the patients. The virtual scribes have drastically reduced the burden of doctor so that they can concentrate more on the patient care.

There is always something new to learn when you’re working as scribe especially in cardiology department. There has not been a single day that I got bored while working.“

To know more about the medical scribe course, contact us here.

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