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Life as a medical scribe

Life after you become a medical scribe

A medical scribe’s life is never dull. There is always something new and different to learn which could be highly engaging, demanding but at the same time quite rewarding.

The scribes have to use their medical knowledge and quick typing speed with each of the patient encounter.

Over the period of time the scribes become an expert in their particular medical field by learning from their partnership with the doctors.

Benefits of being a scribe

  1. Work only five days a week.
  2. Working hours are only around 8 hours per day.
  3. Work as Doctor’s right-hand person for real time documentation.
  4. Work independently, directly for Doctors.
  5. No Metrics-based pressure.
  6. Lucrative starting salary of Rs. 38,000 / Month.
  7. Amazing and Predictive Career Growth opportunities.
  8. Exposure to International Healthcare system.
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