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Is medical scribe and transcriptionist same?

No. Transcriptionist only work outside of the facility and transcribes audio dictated by the doctor whereas the scribe works in the office with the doctor and documents in real time.

Do I need a degree to become scribe?

No, you do not need a degree to become a scribe. People become scribe to gain experience in the medical field.

What will I learn being a medical scribe?

You will know all medical terminology in the specialty. You learn the process of medical decision and how to approach different diagnosis. This is helpful for students who want to pursue career in medical field.

Do patients feel comfortable around scribes?

Researches have shown that patients are supportive of the scribe program and feel comfortable around scribes.

Do I need medical background to become scribe?

No, but people with experience as medical transcriptionist will have a head start with our course.

Is medical scribing a BPO job?

No, you will be working in partnership with the doctors where you create medico legal documents and review medical codes in real time.

Can I have a lucrative career in medical scribing?

Yes absolutely, most of the medical scribes go on to become a scribe trainer or chief scribes earning a lucrative package.

What are the qualification to become scribe?

The student should be of minimum 18 years of age with computer and typing skills preferred.

Are scribes paid during training period?

Yes, the scribes are paid during the traiing period.

Do medical scribes get paid?

People joining as the fresher are provided a salary of 38,000 per month.

When will I get my certificate?

The certificate is provided to students when all the 3 level of training is completed.

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