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CPMS™ Placement Guarantee

Students who successfully complete CPMS by New Generation Jobs shall be provided placement as Doctor Ready MS (Probationary Period), and there on, after successful completion of their probationary period, as Doctor Approved Medical Scribing Specialist with a minimum starting salary of Rs.38,000/- per month. In the event of failing to provide the placement within 30 days of successful completion of the program, New Generation Jobs Pvt. Ltd shall refund, 100% of the tuition fee to the student.

The placement guarantee is based on the terms and conditions mentioned below:

1. The placement guarantee is valid only for students who successfully complete all the 3 levels of the certification program.

2. The placement guarantee is valid only to those who are found eligible after the following procedures:

a) The recruiting partner shall initiate background verification including criminal background verification for the students who successfully complete the first level training program.

b) All students are required to provide all documents including but not limited to address proof, identity proof, previous employment, educational certificates, etc. to complete the background verification process.

c) All students are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) on a stamp paper during their training / advanced training and subsequent employment with Infosense Technologies. The NDA will include a penalty of up to USD 5,000 for breach or violation of HIPAA laws.

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