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Before applying for the medical scribe training program there are basic requirements and recommendations that  a candidate has to fulfill.

Basic Requirements:

  • Interest in pursuing a career in medical field.
  • Minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Basic Computer knowledge

Basic Recommendations:

  • A minimum typing speed of 30wpm
  • Fluency in English
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Commitment to work as a scribe for at least 24 months.

Medical Scribe Training

The medical scribing training program is 9 months with 3 level certification program.

Level 1- Basic Training

The basic training of medical scribe happens at Starmedix facility. During the first level of the training, the candidates learn about:

  • Language of medicine
  • English grammar
  • Medical English
  • ICD 10
  • CPT/E&M
  • Americanism
  • Typing
  • Audio Files and Video Files/Role Play

The candidates are required to clear the First Level Certification (FLC) Test to advance to second level of the training. 

Level 2- Scribe Training

During the second level of the medical scribe training, the students learn about:

  • Medical Scribing Specialist Essentials
  • Practical – Medical Scribing video practice + typing
  • Medical scribing audio practice + typing

Level 3- On job training

The 3rd level of the training, also called as shadowing, the candidate works alongside the medical scribing specialist or a senior medical scribe to document the doctor-patient interaction. The candidate also learns how to prepare a medical report and enter the medical information in to the Electronic Health Record(EHR). 


  1. The students are required to score 80% in each subject & Typing 50 wpm with 95 accuracy in Level 01 FLC Test.
  2. The second and third levels are more criteria oriented, and hence shall be customized and varied based on individual students.
  3. The students are required to pass the certification test of each level to progress to the next level.
  4. In the event of a student failing any subject/s of the FLC Test, the student is required to attempt all the subjects in the next attempt.
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