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What is medical scribing?

Medical Scribe

A medical scribe is a personal assistant of the doctor, who is specialized in documenting doctor-patient encounter during a medical examination. A medical scribe keeps a track of patient’s visit, performing documentation directly into Electronic Health Chart (EHR) in real time at the discretion of a physician and using the EHR to manage the patient’s progress. A medical scribe is usually employed by healthcare organization, a physician or works as contracted service.

Medical Scribes act like a data care managers for the healthcare organizations. By handling these complex data management tasks, it ensures that the doctors gets more time with the patient to provide them with highest quality of care.

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What does a medical scribe do?

A medical scribe helps to maximize the doctor’s workflow efficiency.

Some of the core responsibility of scribe are:

  • A detailed documentation of the encounter between doctor and the patient.
  • Keeping track of past tracks medical records, lab & test reports and discharge information.
  • Researching information requested by the provider.

How does Medical Scribe help doctor?

By handling these adjunct tasks, the scribe frees doctor to further increase the patient contact time giving more thought to complex cases and increase productivity to see more patients.

Without the help of scribes, the doctor has to document all the information which could be sometimes missed or inaccurately recorded. This could lead to misunderstanding in medical records and inadequate patient care.

How Doctors and Scribes Work Together

Before Patient Examination:

  • The medical assistant brings the patients to exam room and enters the patients history in the clinic’s EMR system.
  • The virtual medical scribe sitting in a remote location reviews the patient’s file.

During Patient Examination:

  • The doctor examines the patient without having to worry about documentation.
  • The doctor, wearing the Google Glass, examines the patient which helps the virtual medical scribe to listen and transcribe the doctor-patient interaction and document the relevant data into patient’s health record.

After Patient Examination:

  • After the patient checkup, the doctor reviews the patient’s data with the help of virtual scribe and makes the necessary changes, if any.
  • The virtual scribe generates the referral letters and performs other tasks, as directed.
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